Don't ever lose your contacts, messages or calls (again!)

BambooSMS+ is the Ultimate App to Keep Your Messages, Calls & Contacts Safe.

Access all your messages, calls & contacts even when you are not with your phones.

Want Cheap Text Messaging? Save up to 50% off your SMS costs by using our BambooSMS+ Service AND it doesn't matter where you are sending from or sending to. Just lower costs.


What You're Getting

  • Realtime Access

    Messages, Calls & Contacts are automatically available to you on your computer and any other devices you use.

  • Push From Computer

    Reply a text message through your phone while on your computer, all without pulling out your phone

  • Own Multiple Devices?

    Access everything in real-time from one place or device no matter where they are or how many you have.

  • Bought A New Phone?

    Move everything to the new one in minutes! And if you want, link them together!

  • Recovery & WipeOut

    Lost your phone? Find out where it is OR Send a message to wipe off all the information on it. It's really that simple.

  • Super-Fast Delivery

    Your text messages are delivered instantly through your phone or our special service. No queues. No wait period. No stories.

  • Worldwide Coverage

    We support over 182+ GSM networks worldwide. Same rates. Same pricing. Same super-fast service.

  • Customized Sender

    Send out bulk sms to friends or customers from your phone with a custom sender name (not your number).

  • Flexible Options

    Choose how you want BambooSMS+ to work. For example, Set it to automatically send SMS via your mobile network when there's no internet.

  • Multi-language Support

    Sending accented characters? Not a problem. BambooSMS+ supports over 25 different character sets

  • Cheap Text Messaging

    Send text messages from your phone as usual but at much lower costs. It doesn't matter where you are sending from or sending to. Just lower costs.

  • Premium Support

    Our support team is ready help out. Try it now. Call +2348099885566 or email today!

Try BambooSMS+ yourself to start saving & backing up today

Access to Your Phone From a Browser

We worked real hard to design something that just works.

We think it's important that you are able to access all your information from your phone no matter where you are or what you are using.

You can access your account securely via a web browser

View Incoming Text Messages
Send New Messages & Replies
View Contacts from Your Address Book
Manage Your Devices and Settings

A Better Way to Send SMS From Your Phone

When you send a text message from the BambooSMS+ app on your phone, we channel it and deliver it to your recipients right away as a normal SMS. Your recipient does not need to have BambooSMS+ installed. Only the sender (that's You!) needs this.

Always lower than Mobile Network Rates
Support multiple page text messages
Schedule messages to be sent at a later time.
Get delivery notifications
Pay for what you want from within the app

Start your 30-day unlimited free trial. All the features. No obligation, no credit card required. Outside this, it's only $2.99 per year.

Try BambooSMS+ yourself to start saving & backing up today


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